Etsy identifies 2022 Christmas trends for creators and creators

Etsy has posted the trends that could dominate this year’s Christmas shopping, and there’s plenty of useful information for small businesses and marketers alike.

Etsy identifies 2022 Christmas trends for creators and creators

The online market specializing in handmade and vintage items has calculated trends by comparing the year-over-year increase in search volumes. The comparison was made between March and August in 2021 and the same period in 2022.

Valuable insights for small businesses

The most popular items on the Etsy platform based on search volume can help small businesses overcome the consumer demand curve. Knowing which items have increased in search volume since last year can influence marketing and special offers, as well as gift boxes and other promotions.

For example, there’s a clear trend for bright, vibrant colors, with hot pink fashion items seeing a 34% increase in searches. There has also been a massive 346% increase in searches for disco ball decorations, with the holiday aesthetic being playful and mood-enhancing perhaps indicating the desire for a fresh start and a reminder to spice up the holiday season. this year a joyful celebration.

Businesses may be able to use these color trends and the others on the list to guide their marketing strategies in the coming months.

Buyers who prioritize “human connections”

Announcing the list of trends on Etsy’s website, trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson said, “In this holiday season, shoppers prioritize human connections more than ever and value the communities and relationships that matter to them. more for them.Through so many changes in recent years, these relationships have weathered the storm, making them even more important to celebrate.

“That’s why the gifts we give should come from somewhere special, and Etsy’s community of five million independent sellers offers a unique shopping experience filled with amazing gifts of all kinds, for all kinds.

“To help us capture the magic of the season, Etsy sellers are here to make this party truly special and trendy. From mood-boosting shades to après ski style and so much more, our global community offers many ways to warm your home and the hearts of everyone on your list.

Expanding the trend of après ski style, Johnson explained: “Nothing beats the ritual of sipping, snacking and socializing in the mountains after a long day on the slopes, and the relaxed luxury of the après ski style is influencing our vacation homes and apartments. There was a 183% increase in searches for knitted balaclavas, a 163% increase in searches for padded bags, a 16% increase in searches for retro or vintage ski jackets and a 13% increase in ski gear searches on Etsy, and the sporty chic style can be interpreted as an extension of the athleisure trend that took off during the pandemic.

“Just like the coastal grandmother’s craze of summer, the charm of this alpine aesthetic is centered on the lifestyle it evokes: more than just chunky sweaters and sports jackets, après ski is a sensation.”

More Etsy trends for Christmas

Among Etsy’s other trending items was a nature-inspired theme, with wild and natural decorations and designs that are greatly increasing in popularity this year. There is also a trend for “pearlcore”, which includes large increases in search volume for shoes, bags and pearl earrings.

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