Elections now: Britain is going backwards with these people in charge

orh, how we laughed at the Italians … “Who is your prime minister this month, Luigi?” Ho Ho Ho. Aren’t we amazing with our ancient parliament and democratic values ​​that we have exported to the world?

Today, Britain’s self-styled “world beater” Tory is being mocked around the world for the image of political and economic chaos she is projecting. London-based ambassadors are running out of colorful pictures with which to describe the extent of the mess this government finds itself in and the damage it is doing to the country.

Four prime ministers in six years. Four chancellors of the exchequer in as many months. Not even Greece, in the midst of the meltdown, has managed to come close to this.

And now, as the Tory party awakens to a reality that many of us saw long before they voted to make Liz Truss their leader – who is not up to the job of prime minister – they seem to think they can do it again. the same trick. Change the leader. Have another prime minister. Get a new closet. Pretend it’s a change of government. Continue to continue.

Twelve wasted years in which almost nothing in the country has improved: we keep making promises, we keep saying that we are the people who fix the mess we have inherited… from ourselves.

With each change of leader, we thought that things could not get worse; and at every change of leader they did. David Cameron lasted six years, but then it imploded in the wake of the EU referendum that he should never have called. Theresa May has taken over. She at least she called a general election to ask for her mandate, but the result of her left her in office but weakened her, she never really recovered and Boris Johnson moved.

Do you want a general election?

He won the general election, as with the referendum, telling a bunch of lies and turning his clumsy act into a strange form of performative charisma. But the lies, the breaking of the law and his other character flaws have brought him down. Truss has arrived. And here we are, in an economic and political crisis that would be hilarious were it not for the damage it is doing to people’s lives and standards of living – and for Britain’s position in the world.

There is no “secret plot” to oust Truss, as some have claimed. “Secret”? Hardly. That’s all MPs are talking about: how can we get rid of her?

There are two caveats: How can we get rid of her and install our fifth leader in six years, without going back to our deluded members who chose her in the first place? And most importantly, how can we get rid of her and install the new prime minister within our ranks, without involving the general public?

In keeping the Tory members out, who can argue wisely about it, given their recent choices: a liar and a transgressor, followed by someone so out of her depth that it’s embarrassing to watch.

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In interviews, Jeremy Hunt, the de facto prime minister despite being voted in that position by no one but Truss, did his best to pretend he was the right person to be at number 10 – and pretended that something called “compassionate conservatism. “led the architects of Austerity Mark One who are now designing Austerity Mark Two.

Hunt said the last thing the country needs is “another long leadership contest.” Too far to the right. The country needs general elections and it needs them sooner rather than later. These people are unable to carry it out. They are inflicting enormous damage on households, public services and businesses across the UK.

The people who gave us this disaster are not the people to get us out of it. The idea that they should be able to install a fifth prime minister without referring to the general public is a democratic obscenity. The country is going backwards with these people in charge. A general election is the only way to give the country a chance to move forward.

Alastair Campbell is a writer, communicator and strategist who has served as Tony Blair’s spokesperson, press officer and director of communications

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