effe perfect wellness immerses the cozy warmth of the sauna in nature

Effe Perfect Wellness presents its first outdoor sauna

Winter is coming and with it the need for cozy warmth. Effe Perfect Wellness presents its first outdoor collection saunas, Cabano. Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni with Michele Angelini, the three models were presented for the first time in Salone del Mobile 2022 in Milan, and marked a new departure for the Brand. Because wellness products are used outdoors, in a secluded garden or on an urban terrace, comfort, freedom, privacy and personalization are the package with Cabanon.

Rodolfo Dordoni and Michele Angelini design the Cabanon outdoor sauna for Effe Perfect Wellness

all images courtesy of Effe Perfect Wellness

Through the years, Effe Perfect Wellness, has tried to bring the sauna – mainly used in public spaces – into private homes and make it available to the general public. The stylistic and qualitative research leads to projects that break the conventional and traditional concepts, transforming the product into modern ‘furniture’ that could be placed in any room of the house. For 2022, the company comes out with Cabanon, the first collection of outdoor saunas designed by Rodolfo Dordoni and Michele Angelini.

effe perfect wellness immerses the cozy warmth of the sauna in nature
the garden version consists of a fully enclosed sauna – 230 x 230 cm with a bridge on the entrance side

cabanon can be immersed in both gardens and urban terraces

Inspired by the famous Le Corbusier cabin, the Cabanon collection is a nod to the original Finnish sauna which, in Scandinavia, is located outdoors in a separate building often surrounded by nature. The product is available in two different versions to meet the needs of modern living: Garden is designed for gardens and green spaces, while Terrace is ideal for more urban environments such as terraces and verandas. Being 100% recyclable with long lasting quality and energy saving, the company continues its dedication to cutting edge technological solutions combined with sophisticated design.

‘We had worked with Effe in the past and they approached us with the idea of ​​a sauna that could be installed outside. We could draw on our experience for the actual design but, as it was a sauna, the most natural thing was to dig deep into our memories. The first thing that came to mind were the beach huts, where the warmth and nudity created a feeling of freedom that today we would call well-being. The design of the Cabanon wants to remember not only the shape of the hut, but also these sensations, ‘ says one of the two designers, Rodolfo Dordoni.

effe perfect wellness immerses the cozy warmth of the sauna in nature
the deck is made with WPC (wood plastic composite) boards, a latest generation material for outdoor use

The aim of the project, in addition to developing a technology suitable for outdoor installation and compliant with all relevant safety standards, was to find the ideal balance between two fundamental requirements: the sensation of being immersed in the surrounding environment: garden or urban environment, and to create a comfortable and intimate environment. With this in mind, the fully enclosed sauna came to life. The extendable platform on the entrance side is made of WPC (wood plastic composite) sheets, a latest generation material for outdoors, pleasant to the touch, safe and resistant. For customization, this area can be equipped with technical fabric curtains for greater privacy according to the preferences of any customer.

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