Cardi B’s Viral Avocado Jalapeno Sauce is a new favorite

Cardi B just celebrated her 30th birthday and I can’t help but wonder if she served her favorite avocado jalapeño sauce at one of her little up-and-coming parties. For the first time she was thrilled with the recipe created by the American Mexican home cook Alfredo Garcia earlier this year, and it was an instant hit! She now she is doing the tour on TikTok again. So, this time I was thrilled to try the Cardi approved dip.

Before we dive in, it’s worth noting that using the quantities Cardi requested in her video will produce a big drop. Like, enough dip to feed an army. I halved the recipe and found it was still more than enough for a small crowd of people, but if you’d like to make a Cardi-sized batch – see the photo of her blender (and nails) below for reference – go ahead and double the size. amount in the ingredients I have listed.

To make the thistle sauce, you will need an over-the-counter blender and these ingredients: 1 8-ounce block of cream cheese, 1 1/2 cups sour cream, 1 avocado, 1 10-ounce can of pickled jalapeños, the juice of 2 limes, 1/2 bunch of fresh coriander, 1 tablespoon of black pepper, 1/2 tablespoon of garlic powder and 1/2 tablespoon of chicken broth. Oh, and be sure to grab your favorite bag of chips to serve the salsa with!

Before jumping in for the dip, I poured myself a shot of tequila because I’m not where I want to be in life – stick with it if you feel the same and keep it to yourself if you don’t. Life is tough, but this creamy avocado and jalapeño sauce isn’t! The “hardest” part is preparing the ingredients, so let’s go to this.

STEP 1: Wash, dry and coarsely chop half of a bunch of cilantro. If your blender is strong and large enough, you can skip the mince. But if you don’t have a huge blender too, mince! The stems have a lot of flavor, so I didn’t bother separating the leaves from them.

STEP 2: Cut the avocado, then take it out of the peel. If your blender isn’t as strong as it used to be, help it out and slice (or chop) the avocado.

STEP 3: Cut your limes in half so you can squeeze the juice out of them. You can now squeeze them into a bowl and set aside, or squeeze them directly into the blender for a while.

STEP # 4: Time to start adding ingredients to your blender! I started with cilantro because my blender loads upside down from the bottom. If you have an over-the-counter blender that you can pour your ingredients into, you may want to start with the cream cheese so it’s closer to the blade, but the order isn’t crucial. Eventually, it will all come together.

STEP # 5: Tuck in the cream cheese. As you can see, it was so slippery that it slipped out of my hand (I should call it).

STEP # 6: Pour in 1 1/2 cups of sour cream. I tried to be precise and to measure it, and it got pretty messy. I liked it.

STEP # 7: Next, add the jalapeños. I used about 3/4 of a 10-ounce can. You can include or exclude pickled carrots if there are any in your can. Cardi B dumped it in its entire can along with the carrots, while I only included the jalapeños and the marinating liquid. If you have a problem with that, then I’ll have to quote Cardi here: “Suck my dick,” she said.

STEP # 8: Add your avocado.

And if you have a sick manicure going on, this is a great time to take a quick breath and enjoy your nail work. I mean, take a look at Cardi’s claws! It’s probably a little harder to cook with long nails, but damn it looked sharp while doing it. Okay, keep going.

STEP # 9: Squeeze the juice from the limes directly into the blender, or add the juice if you have pre-pressed them.

STEP 10: Top with 1 tablespoon of pepper, 1/2 tablespoon of garlic powder and 1/2 tablespoon of chicken broth (Cardi B specifically named the Knorr brand).

Pre-blend, your dip will likely look something like this. I gave mine a good shake to mix the ingredients so my blender doesn’t have to work as hard. I’m a good person.

STEP # 11: Finally, blend everything together … and the dip is done! You just made Cardi’s approved avocado jalapeño sauce! As she likes to say: Eeeeeeeeeeee. I liked how easy it was.

All that was left to do was pour the jalapeño avocado into a bowl or two (or more) and enjoy. Even though I halved the recipe, I had more than enough avocado jalapeño sauce for me, myself, And I – about 8 cups to be more precise. If you have a smaller blender like a Magic Bullet, I recommend you follow 1/4 of the original recipe, but if you follow half as I did, you will probably have to do it in two batches due to space. Always try to avoid overloading a blender.

Here is the dive made. Above is Cardi’s version, and below is mine. I honestly can’t tell the difference! Except that one was made on the marble kitchen island of a million-dollar mansion and one was made on a faux wood caster table bought from the Facebook marketplace – after all, we’re both “normal shmegulars.” I was mesmerized by the creamy texture of the sauce and couldn’t wait to judge the taste!

I took a tasting spoon to try the finished avocado jalapeño sauce right out of the blender, in case you wanted to customize it further – the beauty of the sauces is that you can adjust it to your liking. However, it was not necessary. As soon as the first taste hit my tongue, I froze. The first thing I tasted was a hint of sour cream, which already won me over. Immediately thereafter, a wave of freshness overwhelmed me as the coriander flavor and lime zest crept in. There was definitely a warmth in the jalapeños sauce, but it was kind of a tingling heat. I couldn’t stop eating the dip the same way you can’t just eat it one Cheeto hot. The warmth, the creaminess and the sensation of freshness of the sauce won me over. I quickly realized why Cardi B loved this dip. It just wasn’t okay. Was okrrrrtt – yes, I used it badly. But you still know what I mean.

Of course I tried it with the fries afterwards. And the coriander and lime zest tastes even more bombastic with my blue tortilla corn chips. I’m convinced this avocado jalapeño dip would add a nice kick and go well with anything. Honestly, I liked it right away too. What makes this sauce even more tempting is that it’s incredibly easy to make – just drop the six main ingredients into the blender, add the toppings, and blend. On my second try, I was able to make the dip in about 10 minutes. I love a good quick recipe.

Check out Cardi B’s TikTok by trying the avocado jalapeño sauce here. It’s definitely worth watching – can anyone give her a cooking show yet? And special thanks to home cook Alfredo Garcia for pulling a Eddie’s million dollar recipe and creating a dive behind which everyone could get behind. You are strong! I fully understand why Cardi co-signed your creation for the kitchen.

What’s your take on Cardi’s approved avocado jalapeño sauce? If you end up doing it, or have already done so, let me know how you like it in the comments.

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