AZ Governor Nominee Kari Lake Repeats Debunked Claims as CNN’s Dana Bash Rejects

  • A Trump candidate back in Arizona continues to push debunked claims about the 2020 election.
  • CNN host Dana Bash dismissed when Kari Lake claimed there was “evidence” of rigged elections.
  • Trump claims the 2020 election was stolen, but his own former officials say there is no evidence.

Kari Lake, the Trump-approved Republican candidate for governor of Arizona, was questioned about her denial claim that the 2020 election was stolen.

On Sunday at CNN’s “State of the Union,” host Dana Bash dismissed as Lake insisted there is “a lot of evidence” that the election was stolen.

“You called the 2020 election corrupt, stolen, rotten and rigged. And there was no evidence of what was presented in court or anywhere that any of these things are true. So why do you keep saying that?” Bush asked.

“We had 740,000 cards with no chain of custody. Those cards shouldn’t have been counted,” Lake replied before Bash asked for evidence again. “Dana, there is a lot of evidence. You can find it. I’m happy to send it to your team. The problem is the media won’t cover it.”

“We talked about it extensively, and what you just said was disproved,” Bush replied.

Lake, a former news host who won the Republican nomination as governor in August, repeated Trump’s false claims about election fraud and aided efforts to stop the use of voting machines in Arizona, Insider reported.

On Sunday, Bash asked Lake, “Are you undermining confidence in the election by saying that the 2020 election was stolen, when there is absolutely no supporting evidence?”

“We have the right, and it is protected by our First Amendment, to question our government and question the elections,” Lake replied. “When you start seeing the media obliterate people for questioning their government, that’s when we have a problem.”

CNN then cut a montage of Trump Justice Department officials – including William Barr, Richard Donaghue, and Jeffrey Rosen – who all made sworn statements that there was no substantial election fraud in the 2020 election.

“These are the top officials of President Trump’s Justice Department,” Bash said. “Why not believe it?”

Lake pointed to the 2022 primary election in August, where he said officials in some Arizona counties ran out of ballots. Bash confirmed those events, noting that officials apologized in an effort to be transparent.

“So if leaders like you and President Trump are saying the elections were stolen, aren’t you participating, contributing, even creating the idea that people think elections are unsafe?” Bash asked.

“No,” Lake replied.

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