As “She-Hulk” he defeated his toxic enemies by turning them into villains

The bad of She-Hulk: lawyer it is not a cosmic evil or a criminal mind. Instead, it’s something far more sinister and far more real: a group of toxic, titled men named Intelligencia who have dedicated themselves to harassing and harming Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany), aka She-Hulk.

Intelligencia’s misogynistic arguments – Jen doesn’t deserve her powers, because we need another superhero woman, Hulk is better anyway – are reminiscent of not only real-world sexism, but toxic trolls as well She-Hulk dealt with throughout his release. So I did She-Hulk anticipate their detractors?

“1,000 percent,” She-Hulk director Kat Coiro told Mashable in a video interview. “We knew we would be under fire.” Before She-Hulk even aired, the show has come under criticism on sites like Rotten Tomatoes.


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However, as the show progressed and Intelligence became more important, Coiro noticed that trolling seemed to be decreasing. “I felt a lot of the negativity stopped at first,” she said. “And I think it’s partly because we recognize the negative people on the show.”

Now if anyone tries to criticize She-Hulk through a misogynist and trolling lens, they are basically in the same camp as someone like Todd “HulkKing” Phelps (Jon Bass), which is immediately humiliating.

“For them to send these negative messages, it really plays into our hands and shows that we are one step ahead of them,” explained Coiro. “So I don’t think it’s that satisfying for them.”

It also opens up the confrontation with Jen against villains like Intelligence She-Hulk to explore some very real and horrible experiences that women can endure. In episode 8, “Ribbit or Rip It”, Intelligencia makes a face at Jen at a gala before playing footage of her being intimate with a date, footage that was captured without her knowing or without her consent. . The MCU that draws attention to something as insidious and violent as revenge porn is surprising, but extremely important, and Coiro was thrilled to use the platform of one of the largest franchises in the world to raise awareness on this type of issue. .

“From the opening episode, where [Jen] it’s about being a woman and dealing with anger and sexism every day [“Ribbit or Rip It”]where she lives a great betrayal of walking down an alley and being assaulted by guys at night, we explore so many facets of what it means to be a woman and how hard it is to be a woman, ”Coiro said.

On a personal level, Coiro found watching these experiences on screen cathartic. “I’ve been subjected to quite intense sexism recently, and [Jen’s] the pilot’s words echoed in my brain, “Coiro said.” I deal with this every day, dealing with men who condescend me all the time. And it was great to have something discussing it in popular culture. Forget about me as a director; watching the episode, I thought, ‘Oh, I feel seen.’ “

All episodes of She-Hulk: lawyer are now streaming on Disney +.

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