alexandra lucas hand weaves crisp packets of fan favorite brands

The bizarre crafts of Alexandra Lucas

On an antique backstrap loom, Alexandra Lucas handweaves playful confections of some of the most popular brands and crunchy flavours. By attaching the mobile device to her body, the textile designer creates a collection of five tapestries featuring fan favorites, including Monster Munch, Wotsits, Pringles, Cheetos and Walkers Salt & Vinegar.

The “CRISPS” series also includes a whimsical Skips tote bag and a rug made of panels stitched together to represent the curvy contours of the popular potato chip shapes. Each weft has been hand and hand woven embroidered mainly using natural linen, cotton warps and carpet yarns.

‘CRISPS’ | all images by Alexandra Lucas

weaving fan favorite crunchy packets of linen, cotton and yarn

Alexandra Lucas’ weaving process, both physically demanding and surprisingly meditative, involves attaching and driving a backstrap loom to her body. As she moves forward or backward, the device changes and transforms into whatever she needs it to be.

By embracing the spontaneity of the process and the joyful individuality of each of its handcrafted products, the London stylist savor every imperfection, from wobbly wraparound strands to frayed edges. Lucas notes how she is always pleasantly surprised by how the end result is never what she expected, and each woven tapestry or embroidered rug ends up being completely unique.

In his ‘CRIPSS’ collection, which will be available to buy from November 26, the branding and flavor of each colorful pack of crisps’ classic counterpart is instantly recognisable, despite its slight interwoven abstractions. ‘[I] enjoy the fact that branding that is so clean, utilitarian and usually printed on a plastic case, ends up taking on more character when transformed into a soft fabric,’ she Comments.

alexandra lucas hand weaves iconic potato chip packets to celebrate the simple joys of snacking
Crunchy Walkers Salt and Vinegar Pack

‘Eating chips is a pastime that unites us all. In fact, consuming a plain packet of crisps is so delicious and addictive, that we’re all pretty opinionated about which brand of crisps is our favorite,’ observes the designer. While weaving her “CRIPSS” collection, Alexandra Lucas observed that people’s emotions around the subject were running high. Not only were there instant laughs and warm affection for her work, but the people around her simply had to make sure she knew which crunchy packet she was to weave after her.

alexandra lucas hand weaves iconic potato chip packets to celebrate the simple joys of snacking
Alexandra Lucas hand weaves playful packets of popular brittle brands

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