7 essential elements for a welcoming study space

As the weather starts to cool and the mid-term season approaches, it’s important to make sure you have a study space ready for the days when it’s too cold to go to the library.

I remember the long, stressful hours I spent locked up in my dorm trying to finish a study guide that should only have taken half an hour to complete. One of the main reasons I stayed sane throughout the college years, especially the COVID college years, was the relaxing atmosphere I created for myself in my dorm room.

In college, just like in life, there are so many things that are beyond your control. Something you can control, however, is the space you create for yourself, whether it’s just on your side of the dorm or in your room at home. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of items to help you feel relaxed and create a more welcoming environment for your study space.


This is the most necessary of all my advice. Owning a good desk lamp will allow you to work at your best while avoiding eye strain that could result from too weak lamps. I personally love the Uplift Desk E7 LED lamp for the brilliant light it provides and the compactness of the lamp itself.


For me, music is one of the greatest sources of relaxation in my life. I personally love playing records while working on projects that I don’t necessarily have to focus too much on, which is why I’m adding the Electrohome Kingston turntable to the top of my list for studio space essentials. The Kingston turntable not only plays records, but allows you to listen to the radio and connect to your phone via Bluetooth or auxiliary cable. This is by far my favorite turntable I’ve ever owned.

If you are looking for a simpler turntable that doesn’t take up as much space as the Kingston, then I would recommend the Montrose Electrohome vinyl turntable.

Twelve South

I’ve only recently started using a laptop stand and it’s a game changer. Working remotely and being on my laptop for several hours a day often makes me feel so stiff at the end of the day. This is where the Curve Flex laptop stand comes in. A laptop stand allows you to elevate your laptop to eye level and stretch your legs while you continue to work. The Curve Flex Laptop Stand is a portable laptop stand that allows you to give your laptop a boost wherever you go.


If you are looking for a way to make your study space more zen then you need to start by purchasing an essential oil diffuser. I always use my essential oil diffuser when I need to calm down or add a more pleasant scent to my stuffy dorm room. This $ 40 essential oil diffuser from Amazon includes the 10 different essential oils, seven different lighting modes, and gives users the ability to set a timer.

Bath to bed and beyond

Owning a comfortable armchair is the perfect place to read a book or take a break from studying. Whenever I needed to read a book for lessons, I would always curl up in my super soft chair and read there instead of my uncomfortable wooden desk chair. The Simply Essential Square Folding Chair is my favorite chair, for just $ 40 you can study in comfort.


Sometimes you can’t worry about studying at your desk, especially when your favorite TV show is airing in the living room. Whether you want to work from your bed or in the car, a portable desk allows you to work comfortably wherever you choose.


This is for all those college students still stuck in a stuffy dorm. Adding an air purifier to your study space will help you with any congestion you may experience, especially as the fall season approaches. This air purifier has a three-speed fan and a two-part 360 degree filtration system that cleans the air in any dorm room or apartment. If you are like me and suffer from extreme winter allergies and hesitate to study in your room due to all the dust then this is for you.

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