40 behind-the-scenes photos of iconic horror films

Hello everybody. It’s me again. Ally. BuzzFeed’s movie editor and the latest resident girl. ICYMI, I recently revealed to all of you one of my favorite hobbies: peeking at great behind-the-scenes photos on photo sites when I should actually be looking for movie photos to use in posts. Oops!

Anyway, given my well-documented love of horror on this site, I thought it was a good time to finally merge my two great loves: behind-the-scenes photos and horror! And, while horror movies can be terrifying to watch, I think these photos prove that they’re actually quite fun to make!

Ready? I hope so! Here we go:


Nick Castle and James Jude Courtney, who both play Michael Myers, lift their prized masks on the set of Halloween (2018):


While Jamie Lee Curtis and director David Gordon Green discuss his plans to decimate them both on the set of Halloween ends (2022):


Meanwhile, director Jordan Peele is dating Jupiter’s Claim on the set of No (2022):


Here’s a young Steven Spielberg making a phone call as a shark watches menacingly in the background on the set of Jaws (1975) – hopefully he’s not on the phone with a ~ loan shark ~:


And when he’s not evading the sharks, he poses next to the dinosaurs on the set of Jurassic Park (1993):


Robert Englund controls a play while behind the scenes of A nightmare on Elm Street (1984):


Clive Barker goes out with the team on the set of Hellraiser (1987):


And speaking of teams, here are Harry Dean Stanton, Ian Holm, John Hurt, Veronica Cartwright, Tom Skerritt, Sigourney Weaver and Yaphet Kotto on the set of Alien (1979):


Ari Lehman wades into the water with a mask waiting to terrify you with the ultimate scary jump in Friday 13 (1980):


And, as we talk about water, here you see Ben Chapman and Julie Adams having some fun on the set of Creature of the Black Lagoon (1954):


Oh, and have you ever wondered how this iconic horror movie was shot? All really underwater, babyyy:


Director Nia DaCosta instructs Yahya Abdul-Mateen II on the set of Candyman (2021):


And Kristen Bell is attacked by a green screen during filming Wrist (2006):


Eli Roth looks indifferent as he directs Arie Verveen on the set of Cabin fever (2002):


And continue this vibration while filming Hostel (2005):


Going from metaphorical cold to literal cold, director Stanley Kubrick, Jack Nicholson and the entire crew try to stay warm on the set of The brilliant (1980):


And Chucky is ready for his close-up on the set of Child’s play 3 (1991):


Director Ari Aster points Florence Pugh and her iconic frown in the right direction for a scene Noon (2019):


And a bloody Natalie Portman listens intently to director Alex Garland during filming Annihilation (2018):


During the recording Glass (2019), M. Night Shyamalan, James McAvoy and Bruce Willis get ready in a very pink room:


Director Halina Reijn shows Amandla Stenberg and Maria Bakalova a very confusing reproduction during filming Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022):


He shouted (2022) producer Kevin Williamson appears to have some problems with his peripheral vision:


While director Wes Craven prepares Drew Barrymore for the intense opening sequence He shouted (1996):


A quiet place (2018) director John Krasinski positions the camera for the perfect angle in a fast-paced scene:


Anthony Hopkins and director Jonathan Demme have a regular chat on the set of The silence of the lambs (1991) as a film crew watches:


Director James Wan prepares Cary Elwes for the blood to come on the set of Saw (2004):


And James moves from the 2000s to the 70s to direct Vera Farmiga The Summoning (2013):


Boris Karloff gets a touch up from makeup artist Jack Pierce between scenes during filming Son of Frankenstein (1939):


Things heat up on the set of The purge: election year (2016):


Makeup artist Rick Baker makes Griffin Dunne look very scary between scenes An American werewolf in London (1981):


Chloë Grace Moretz and director Kimberly Peirce have a bloody behind-the-scenes chat about Carrie (2013):


Director Tod Browning prepares Olga Baclanova for her final scene Freaks (1932):


Things get close and personal on the set of The descent part 2 (2009):


Meat Loaf takes a break from singing to do a touch up on the set of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975):


Lon Chaney Jr. shakes hands with child star Joel Kupperman during filming The ghost of the mummy (1944), because this child is much braver than me:


Iconic director George A. Romero makes friends on the set of Diary of the dead (2007):


And director Guillermo del Toro also makes friends on the set of Blade II (2002):


Director William Friedkin prepares to drive Max von Sydow crazy during filming The exorcist (1973):


During the recording Foreigners (2008), director Bryan Bertino assures Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman that there is nothing strange to see here:


And finally, to finish with my favorite photo: here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how they filmed that ridiculous Cheddar Goblin commercial in Send (2018):

What was your favorite photo from the behind-the-scenes movie? Share in the comments below! Oh! And be sure to check out the first and second parts of this series in case you missed those other super fun pics!

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